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Asia Ewing, LGSW

Manager of Community Partnerships



KidsPeace 2018 Maryland Board of Associates

Across KidsPeace, local volunteer Board of Associates champion the mission and vision of KidsPeace. Each Board of Associates dedicates time and talent to locate, maintain and enhance local resources for KidsPeace, raise public awareness, and increase contributions and grants in support of KidsPeace programs in their respective regions. Whether through state-level advocacy, capital campaigns or special event fundraising, these dynamic teams of community leaders make a tremendous difference in the lives of our children and families.


Maryland Region
Lora Houck
Christine Guido


Amy Bittner

Gary Bittner

Christine Guido

Lora Houck

Angela Showalter

Arman Taghizedeh, MD

Ray Schulte (Honorary)


To learn more about ways you can support KidsPeace, such as fostering, volunteering and sponsoring, please visit us at or call us at 443-285-0220.